recognition rec‧og‧ni‧tion [ˌrekəgˈnɪʆn] noun [uncountable]
1. MARKETING when people know who a person is or what something is, or know something about them as soon as they see them or hear their name:

• We are bigger than most companies and our name recognition is higher.

• The company is focused on building brand recognition through marketing campaigns.

2. when a machine can recognize something
magˌnetic ˌink ˈcharacter recogˌnition abbreviation MICR
a system that recognizes printed letters, for example on a cheque or official document
ˌoptical ˈcharacter recogˌnition abbreviation OCR COMPUTING
a computer system for automatically recognizing letters and numbers that have been printed or written by hand on paper
ˈvoice recogˌnition COMPUTING
a system in which a computer understands and obeys instructions spoken by a human voice:

• Many phone operators will be replaced by voice recognition technology that responds to a caller's verbal prompts.

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recognition UK US /ˌrekəgˈnɪʃən/ noun [U]
MARKETING a situation in which people know what something is when they see or hear it: »

After thirty years of trading, the company name enjoys global recognition.


We have poor brand recognition in the Asian market.


Skype's dominance and name recognition can pose problems for competitors.

the act of praising or rewarding someone for something they have done: »

We did all the work but they got all the recognition!


They are to receive bonuses in recognition of their work.

official agreement that an organization has authority to do things: »

They have been trying for three years to get recognition for their union.


The council runs a recognition scheme for private colleges.

IT the ability of a machine to read something electronically and to get information from it: »

text recognition software

See also BRAND RECOGNITION(Cf. ↑brand recognition), MICR(Cf. ↑MICR), OPTICAL CHARACTER RECOGNITION(Cf. ↑optical character recognition), VOICE RECOGNITION(Cf. ↑voice recognition)

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